Elite Youth Athletic Development

Reach Your Full Athletic Potential.

Give your student athlete (age 7 and up) the opportunity to work with RIse Sports Performance coaches to build strength, increase speed and agility and unleash their full athletic potential.  All training is specifically designed for the student's age and sport, allowing them to reach their full athletic potential!

Who is Elite Youth Athletic Development for?

--Student athletes looking to improve their performance in their individual sport.

--Male and female student athletes who want to work alongside strength and conditioning coaches who have played at the collegiate level.

--Student athletes who want to focus on off-season goals and reduce their chances of injuries.

--Perfect for teams who want to strategically train together.

Questions about Elite Youth Athletic Development? Email us.


Get Fit. Stay Fit.

Get fit and stay fit in the new year with RISE FIT! These sessions are personalized for adults at any fitness level.  Work under the guidance of RSP coaches who will design programming to help you meet your specific and desired fitness goals. Workouts will incorporate a variety of methods including kettlebells, dumbbells and body weight movements. RISE FIT sessions are held Mon.-Thurs. at 5:30 and 6:30 PM.

Who is RISE FIT for?

--Men or women who are looking to workout under the instruction of skilled coaches who can guide them in proper strength training and cardio.

--Individuals who desire to focus on and develop strength at a faster rate than traditional workouts.

--Participants looking for workouts that combine aerobic and strength/resistance training, under coach/trainer supervision.

--Whether a beginner or former athlete, RISE FIT is a program that can be modified to accommodate people of different skill or fitness levels.

Questions about RISE FIT? Email us.

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